Hyper Autumn Series

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These are images of leaves and trees I made on clear, bright, blustery late autumn afternoons in 2013 and 2014.  The strong wind was threatening to strip the leaves from the trees and the clouds were whizzing by.   Nature seemed to be in a hyper-active state.  By rotating and moving my camera I wanted to create images that represented that hyper […]

Lou Tracey Lyricist

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Lou Tracey lives in the Brookline neighborhood of Pittsburgh and has been in, and around the show business scene his entire life.  You can pick Lou out of the crowd, just look for the guy wearing the button – “MUSIC IS MY BEST FRIEND”. Lou has devoted most of his life to his one true […]

Paving the way for modern art Impressionists

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Impressionism and Post Impressionism          Several years ago I became aware of the painting style of the Impressionists and especially their successors, the Post Impressionists.  I think I was drawn to the vibrancy, luminosity and in a way, the radicalism of their work and how they came to pave the way for the development of modern […]